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A beginners guide to Content Marketing

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A beginners guide to Content Marketing

Beyond Pixels

Are you entering the world of content marketing? Recent developments with the latest Google update ensure that things are changing at a rapid pace, so it is important for you to keep on the ball in terms of your content within your own website and on social networks.

Content that connects

It is hard to overestimate the role played by people power these days. Once you post some content on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter that your audience take to connect with, then they will do their part to spread it amongst their friends and across the Internet. There are several ways to grab the attention of your audience - sometimes you can achieve it by creating a memorable logo or slogan, other times by creating a spark of controversy that gets people talking.

Zero moment of truth

Old-fashioned approaches to marketing are often rendered obsolete when faced with the Internet. A considerable amount of attention has been paid to the mechanics and psychology of online consumerism - consider how the people at Google have developed the concept of the "zero moment of truth", which analyses the time between a consumer seeing a product and a consumer making the purchase. Many will spend hours researching a product or service before actually purchasing, this includes looking on social networks and review sites for endorsements.

Content for multiple devices

It is also worth noting that, these days, many people use multiple devices - from home computers to tablets and mobile phones. A truly successful content marketing push over multiple devices will need to take this into account and cover as many marketing channels as possible, so that once a person has found an advert on one device they may pursue the matter on another. Search also plays a major part in the research phase and is often what joins different devices together, and so should be embraced for successful multi-device content marketing.

Great content WILL be shared

Google likes to see quality links to and from your website, it shows google that people are engaged with what you are telling them and they are endorsing your content. Remember that being linked to from other sites will improve your search rankings - this will make it an organic process, as once your site gets noticed it will begin to snowball from there. It is important to remember that Google takes a negative approach to paid links so avoid these at all costs. When building your social presence the same rules apply. Be sure to build your content organically and avoid buying fans. They key is to have engagement and for your fans to be involved with your posts, to share them and to keep coming back for more. Bought followers only dilute the true fans of your brand.

Quality not quantity

So, at the end of the day, it can be seen that engagement and quality content is key. In the past, word-of-mouth was really the only form of sharing that the marketing world could hope for; nowadays, consumers are quite willing to share your adverts amongst their friends if it connects with them. The key to content marketing, then, is to combine the potential of social media and related forms of communication with old-fashioned approaches to creating memorable and engaging advertising. If you can successfully meld the old with the new in creating your adverts, then your online communities and followers will grow and you will see the benefits from quality interactions.