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Buffer App and social media scheduling - a match made in heaven

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Buffer App and social media scheduling - a match made in heaven

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Is your business using social media to its potential?

For any new or established business, social media should be at the heart of your marketing efforts. Research shows that many people will browse the internet on multiple devices - moving from smartphones and tablets to desktops to complete their research and purchases. They will be looking for reassurances that your brand is trustworthy by looking for reviews, tweets, comments and the recommendation from social circles so it is important to be active in these areas.


Social media scheduling - Why Buffer App?

We spent lots of time testing various social media scheduling software including Hootsuite and Raventools. Both packages had their positives but they just didn't make us smile like Buffer App did. It's like the iPod of social media scheduling, it is so simple even your nan could use it!

buffer social media scheduling

The free plan allows you to connect one of each social networks and allows you to schedule 10 posts, perfect for any small business. There is also a paid plan which allows for unlimited scheduling with greater control and even more social profiles. The set-up is extremely simple and you will be ready to schedule posts in a matter of minutes.


Reducing your time with auto scheduling

Buffer app give you the flexibility to choose the times you want your posts to go out, so you could be fast asleep in bed safe in the knowledge that your message is being seen by your target audience. You can plan your tweets for the week in one go, add images and also link RSS feeds.

buffer social media schedule

The awesome plan gives you deeper control on each day allowing you to vary the posting times of your communications.


Mix up your message

Got a post scheduled for friday but want to post it on wednesday? That's easy with Buffer App. The interface allows you to drag and drop your posts in any order you like and even allows you to shuffle your posts. The clean user interface is also a pleasure to use. You are not distracted by noise and instead your focus is on what matters. 


Social media performance

Buffer app has a really simple analytics tab built into it so you can see which of your posts generate the most engagement and interest. You can see if people are clicking and also the potential reach of any post, allowing you to review your marketing and tailor it more to your target audience.

Buffer social media analytics

One thing that Buffer App does lack is some form of reporting and pdf download which I have been told is high on their plans so this great social media scheduling tool is soon to be even better!


Is Buffer App for you? 

Yes! A free social media scheduling tool with great flexibility, great usability, mobile app, bookmarklet and analytics... it's a no brainer and should you have any questions, the team at Buffer are always available to talk, on email or twitter. 

If you want to save time, build your audience, and get great insights, then Buffer App is the tool for you.