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Ditch the mullet, it's time for a rebrand

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The 80's was a strange era - shell suits, electronic music, dodgy moustaches and hair styles were all the rage. It was a time when clip art was the design package of choice and people were designing their own logos in word. Those times are long gone but unfortunately some of these brands still live on.

Take a look at your brand - if it were a person who would it be? If you have Pat Sharp from his Funhouse days looking back at you then it's time for a change.

We look at some ways for you to breathe life back into your brand, helping you ditch the mullet and move forward with a fresh new look.

pat sharp mullet

Rebrand your business

Clipart logos

Times have moved on and so should your brand. You might be attached to your logo but a fresh approach is good every now and again to generate interest and excitement in your brand. We we don't wear the same clothes forever, our styles change as fashion changes, just as when we grow older, our tastes change and a brand is no different.

The fast pace of today's world with the influence of social networks and digital engagement means that it is more important than ever to have a fresh brand that is flexible and can adapt. 

Instant feedback and the importance of online influencers means that your clip art logo simply won't cut the mustard any more.

Investing in a well designed brand that will represent your company and grow as you do will be money well spent and is an area you really shouldn't cut corners. Remember that time with the bowl and scissors?! Enough said.

Social media is the new word of mouth - embrace it

social media word of mouth

For years you may have relied on word of mouth for the bulk of your work, picking up jobs from friends of friends to earn your living. That might still work up to a point but with the introduction of social media and mobile devices we have seen a shift in the way people search for products and services.

We now look for endorsements from our peers, often using multiple devices to research, starting on mobile and ending with desktop. 

We look at reviews, seek advice in social circles and find articles on popular blogs, so it is very important to stand out for the right reasons.

By giving your brand an online presence, you can engage with your audience and influence their decisions. The digital world also allows you to monitor the behaviour of your audience, giving you valuable insights and allowing you to adapt and evolve to their needs.

A picture tells a thousand words

professional photography for your brand

Many people fancy themselves as good photographers, but a blurred photo on a 1 mega pixel camera won't win you any awards. I often visit websites and navigate to meet the team pages to find a gallery of the UK's most wanted and I leave straight away. First impressions count and that's starts with your imagery.

Photography seems to be an area many people cut corners on, but when a picture can tell so many stories, often more so than anything else, then you have to ask the question - why?!

Cost seems to be the main reason for people cutting corners but there are lots of options available, you just need to shop around that matches your budget and requirements.

Original photography, unique to your brand should be your first choice. It will set you apart from the competition and will allow you the creative freedom to build your brand as you see it. Shop around, prices vary from £200 - £600 per day for good photography but what you get for your money is originality and a professional feel that will enhance your brand.

Your investment will help you tell your brand story on your website, on social networks and also offline on print - so you see... It's not that expensive after all when you look at how and where it is used. If you think about the power of photography, you might think twice about cutting those corners!

The way forwards

New brand

It can be difficult parting with something that has been part of your life for so long but there comes a time when change is good, a time to explore new opportunities and try new things.

With this advice in mind, it's time to wave goodbye to pat sharp and embrace a modern audience with great photography and engaging content.