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Engaging with your customers and winning hearts

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Engaging with your customers and winning hearts

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Looking at the market nowadays, it is not hard to reach the conclusion that marketing has achieved as high an importance as actual product value. Firms not only invest huge percentages of their revenues into all types of commercials, both off and online, but also they rely solely on these set commercials to increase their sales. 

A new approach for marketing?

Due to the quirks of modern technology, chiefly social media and review websites, many industry leaders claim that marketing should take a step back and reconsider its approach. Businesses should not, as it was previously accepted, try to capture people’s attention through flashy commercials and ads, but through positive emotions because the latter has a longer lasting effect on the consumer.

Connect with customers to win their hearts

If you want to win the hearts of your customers, focus on instilling a positive emotion that connects them to your product. By doing that, you will directly boost sales and indirectly increase the positive reviews your brand gets on social media and product review websites. 

Keep in mind that the aforementioned passive effect is definitely a lot more beneficial than the direct sales increase. For example, imagine you start producing electric kettles that boil water in mere seconds. Joe, your first customer, buys the product, tries it out and is absolutely amazed. He goes on his preferred social media website and shares a link to your product or simply states that it made his life better. Surprise! Now his friends have seen the positive emotion Joe has experienced thanks to your product, and they will also want to benefit from it (well, maybe with just a bit of additional research!). On the plus side: if they like it too, they might do the same thing as Joe!

Creating a lasting impression

The above is a prime example of Zero Moment of Truth- the initial few seconds after a prospective customer has seen your product. He evaluates its value and makes a decision whether or not to buy it. Positive online reviews, social media “likes” and “shares”, and other similar online mentions of your product will act as long-term, free ads. In addition, they will build up over time, thus creating an extraordinary online image of your product that will attract many new customers.

Now, you might ask yourself, “Okay, but how can I benefit from this?” It is quite simple: create an identity and presence including ads and commercials that are interesting enough to inspire everyone to share them with their friends or just to write about them. Also, try to narrow the gap between the advertised product value and the actual product value as that might cause an effect opposite to what you would want.