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From rags to virtual content marketing riches - Simbound

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Simbound identity design

Easy to absorb but difficult to nurture: Internet micro-brands are everywhere and they are spawning at a fast rate. The emblem of tribes which Seth Godin has so fervently described are so much more than the promise of what’s to come. As they inspire increasingly larger communities by waking up ideas which are dormant in the minds of others they prove that the concept of Inception is very much a reality in the online world (and it’s probably more than 3 levels deep!) 

Following is our brand story: a roller coaster of ups and downs with humble beginnings set in a small Transylvania town with a short detour to the big city. This is what it took to create that enticing, strangely familiar concept which today benefits thousands of students from universities around the world. Simbound has opened the gates of internet marketing simulation games and what’s going to come out of them will be a surprise to many. 

When reality is not responding fast enough or it is too predictable to delve in or it is just too damn costly (ahem Google) we provide virtual interactions at a fast pace for the budding e-Marketing peeps - whether this is through mock, easy to set up websites or advertising through a fictitious search engine called Baigoo. The countless e-Mail newsletters which Simbound students are sending out are not spamming anybody in the real world but they travel somewhere far in the simulation universe void. Our mission helps learning by doing in a risk-free environment. 

A brand is born

How did it all start? Well, sometime beginnings are not that easy. You must of heard about all those stories of founders living on credit card debt while hacking tech in the basement of their parents. With us it was not very different. All the gloom and doom takes on epic proportions in the setting of a cold winter scenery in an Eastern European metropolis.

Building an online brand is hard work. It’s a process which feeds on creative wits, tech wizardry and also a bit of luck. I believe that the best brands are moulded into shape by initial experiences of early founders getting together working on a problem for people who don’t yet realise they will have it one day.

To bring about something new into the world you need to be transposed to a state of mind which is different from everything you’ve ever known until then. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end toiling away on small tasks, knowing that you’re  meddling with something which is far greater than what you can understand you start asking yourself questions: Human behaviour, technology, education, society -  some of the concepts swirling around in your head. Soon enough you get detached from your original self and that’s when the magic happens: you are creating!  

Vivid details come back of days repeating themselves in iterations which even if slightly different would be bound together in a surreal, almost transcendental experience. This strenuous work was met with a reward at the end of the day which would come after one of us would cook and we would all gather around the table and just have fun and talk about the business or watch a movie. There were even a few times we didn’t have money to buy groceries so you could imagine our disappointment when there was no food being served at the conferences we crashed!  It's experiences like these that form bonds which can withstand even the toughest of moments. And that’s an absolute requirement in highly volatile situations - such as the incipient moments a startup takes shape. If you’ve seen the hit HBO show Band of Brothers then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s precisely during this moment when you get to know yourself and see what you truly stand for.

Soaring to new heights 

Simbound is now fostering a worldwide community of edtech pioneers. As our culture gets transformed we look back at the idea that started it all and are thankful for how much we’ve accomplished. Nostalgia aside our new visual identity reflects the fact that we belong to a contemporary movement which brings about change and progress. Our new logo is the central visual element of a community which emphasises the individual and his default state before they enter Simbound. What will happen from now onwards is a story waiting to unfold. Something tells me it’s going to be fast and interesting to delve in. Almost what we envisioned initially. 

Louis Havriliuc
Founder Simbound