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How we spend our time online in the UK - Infographic

Beyond Pixels

We take a look at the behaviour of UK internet users and their page views split by device and online category.

How we spend our time online in the UK

This infographic is a fantastic source of information for marketers of products and services as it allows them to understand users relationships with multiple devices and set budgets for each one. How we spend our time online in the UK is very interesting as it allows us to see the opportunities that available to help certain sectors embrace mobile devices. You would expect to se the figures rising within mobile devices and the desktop figures slowly decreasing.

The breakdown of website UK visits by device and category

Total Internet Usage

Desktop: 68.5%
Tablet: 8.1%
Mobile: 23.4%

Property Websites

Desktop: 17.5%
Tablet: 18.2%
Mobile: 11.3%

Entertainment News Websites

Desktop: 78.7%
Tablet: 15.4%
Mobile: 5.9%

Health Websites

Desktop: 59.8%
Tablet: 15.1%
Mobile: 25.1%

Automotive Websites

Desktop: 62.8%
Tablet: 14.5%
Mobile: 22.7%

Newspaper Websites

Desktop: 73.3%
Tablet: 13.6%
Mobile: 13.1%

Retail Websites

Desktop: 74.6%
Tablet: 11.5%
Mobile: 13.9%

Sports Websites

Desktop: 64.0%
Tablet: 9.7%
Mobile: 26.3%

Beauty/Fashion Websites

Desktop: 82.3%
Tablet: 8.4%
Mobile: 9.3%

Sources: comScore Device Essentiaals, February 2013, UK - share of page views from the comScore census network. The above data does not include usage of tablet or mobile applications.