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Logos re-imagined - KPMG logo concept

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Logos re-imagined - KPMG logo concept

Beyond Pixels

This is a logo concept and not in any way associated with KPMG. We are simply flexing our creativity and showing how brands can evolve.

We are always on the lookout for exciting projects to keep our design talents sharp and to keep us passionate about what we do. We can't resist redesigning existing company logos just to explore how they might look with a fresh approach. A company rebrand can have wonderful effects, not just on brand awareness and renewed attention but also for staff themselves. With a new brand brings new opportunities, modern interiors and a more focused approach which can only have a positive effect on staff and customers.

KPMG is a large company, employing thousands of people and was a brand that stood out to us to be in need of a little TLC. We felt that the current logo was a touch busy with boxes intersecting the letters, a look likely to be seen in the 90's.

We felt that the logo could be modernised without moving too far away from the recognised look with only a few minor alterations. We selected a softer font, and moved the letters inside the boxes to provide more standout. The boxes were also softened to make them easier on the eye and more appealing to customers. 

There was no need to radically design this logo as all the elements were already there, they just needed organising in a way that worked better for the brand.