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Startup Business - Marketing for beginners

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Startup Business - Marketing for beginners

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Marketing Your Business

The largest companies in the world produced huge advertising campaigns, that see them plastered across every billboard in town and appearing in between all of our favourite programs. They are willing to spend millions to get the biggest stars to endorse their company. For a small start-up company however, marketing does not have the same financial drive behind it but that does not mean it is any less important, in fact it may well be more important at the start.

For a new business that is small, maybe a sole trader, partnership or a small company, the main concern when it comes to marketing the products or services that your business offers is cost. There is nearly always, a high startup cost for all businesses. In todays economic climate you need a lot a capital to establish yourself as a business in the first place. After securing the rent for your headquarters the last thing you want to do is splash out major amounts on marketing. There are a few cheap and even free ways to do it though.

Word Of Mouth

This method is completely free. It may sound stupid, but just telling your friends and family to spread the word can pay off. Tell them to tell all their friends and in turn, they can tell all their friends. This method should be put in place well in advance of the business opening.


The best thing about flyers is, you only have to produce one piece of marketing and you can keep printing them off. This is a cheap way to advertise. Simply create your flyer and print away. You can post them through people's letter boxes if you prefer that style, or you can even stick them in shop windows, if you ask and possible stick them on lamp posts and road signs.

Local Media

As a new business, you won't have the funding for a TV advert, so try getting some local exposure. Ring the newspaper and see if they will do a piece on the business. Any publicity you can get, you should take it. There is no such thing as bad publicity. You can also try producing a catchy radio for your local radio station, this will be cheap to make and the radio station will not charge you a fortune.

For the best effect, trying to gain exposure from the local media should be done when the business first opens, it is easier to get the attention of them that way.


You can easily get free advertising online. Nearly everybody is on facebook in this day and age. A good way to get publicity, for free is to create a facebook group and invite your friends. This is much cheaper than making a fancy website and can even be more accessible and easier for your customers to access.