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Taking your business to the next level and beyond

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Taking your business to the next level and beyond

Beyond Pixels

Growing your business

In the current economic climate, it is important to ensure that every aspect of your company is focused on both capturing business and also making certain that the service you provide is so good that new clients are retained, becoming a valuable source of repeat business. One of the crucial factors which determines the growth of your customer base is successful branding. With competition in all sectors becoming tougher as time goes on, it is imperative that everything from your business cards to your social media carries a consistent and highly visible message which lets people know what you’re about and why they should be coming to you rather than looking elsewhere.

Expand your marketing efforts

It’s now no longer enough to have business cards, leaflets and brochures readily available. The phenomenal growth in Internet marketing has opened up a whole new set of advertising media which need to be fully exploited in order for your company to stand out from the rest. An indistinct company message or vision can be partially masked in real life by glossy marketing used in conjunction with input from skilled sales people. When potential customers reach your website or access your Facebook page online there is nothing other than the written word to influence their purchasing decision. For this reason, it is vital that a common theme and branding is utilised.

Be consistent in everything you do

Currently, successful companies are usually those who have adopted a holistic and coherent form of branding which encompasses their entire operation. It is worth remembering that, particularly when online marketing is introduced, sales can rise dramatically, propelling a company’s turnover from thousands into millions within a short space of time. For this rise to be maintained, a coherent message about your business and why customers should use it is absolutely vital. This needs to be echoed in everything from blog posts to vehicle signage. Everywhere your company has a presence is an opportunity to get your message out there, so it makes sense to ensure that message is slick, coherent and consistent throughout the organisation. By introducing brand guidelines into your business you can create a set of rules that will ensure a consistent identity across everything you do.

Make a great first impression or you WILL lose customers

As the old saying goes; “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” If your message isn’t clear, or if a customer finds that they can’t get the same service online as they can in real life, they can be doing business with someone else after only a few clicks of the mouse. You may have the best product or service offered at the most advantageous price, but if customers aren’t clear who you are or why they should use you then they will have few qualms about searching for an alternative supplier.

Be a brand to remember

Prior to any advertising campaign, the development of a memorable, dependable brand is crucial to maximise the chances of success. When considering highly successful organisations with global recognition, it is apparent that their branding often says as much about them as their product. If you are an ambitious company who aspires to grow, then an eye-catching, innovative and constant message is vital in achieving this aim. Particularly online, potential customers could be accessing your company information at any time. Are you absolutely certain that you are putting out the message which is most likely to attract these people to what you can provide?