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The importance of a brand story

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The importance of a brand story

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It is important for a brand to have an image and a consistent style, as well as something that customers can identify with when they search for that product. However, more companies are now realising that an identity is no longer enough to satisfy the customer and that a new approach in the form of a brand story may also be needed. In this article we will look at how a brand story can enhance the identity of a company and how it can also gain the customers trust.

Bring your brand to life

A brand story is important as it goes beyond the product. It turns the item into something that carries a greater and deeper meaning behind it. For instance, Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world, known for selling sports shoes and other forms of sporting products. However, what the company projects in its advertising campaigns is something far greater and more meaningful than a sports shoe. The company focus on the Athlete and the concept of achieving ones full potential in the world of athleticism and in life in general. Often there are no shoes to be seen in a Nike advert, but instead one sees the portrayal of an athlete being the absolute best that they can be in that short moment. Often brands sell their products with the focus on life improvement, and this is exactly what Nike aim to bring with their brand story.

Brands bring people together

The importance of a brand story is also useful as It helps to bring individuals together. It does this by taking those that invest in the product on a journey that they can share with other individuals. If something has a story to tell, or a concept behind its initial design, it will draw people in and make them think about the product and about themselves in relation to that product. Stories also often have emotions and feelings contained within them, which makes it easier for the individual to connect with. 

Enhance your brand presence

More and more companies are now noticing the importance of the brand story and are incorporating one into their advertising campaigns and customer facing portals. Often the development of the company or a unique fact about the company may be used as the brand story. The company may then use this on their media advertising and on the products themselves to achieve a greater connection with the target audience.